Sustainable branding strategy delivers results

Award: Good Design Award
Shortlist: Danish Design Award

Andersen & Stender is a textile agency that cooperates with the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable textile accessories. Therefore, it is crucial to Andersen & Stender that their brand and digial communication match their global presence. See how we created the new award-winning visual profile and digital universe.

Andersen & Stender


Coherent branding strategy

Improved communication about sustainability

Greater visibility via award-winning design

Strengthened competitiveness

Increased growth through branding strategy

Easy employee recruitment


“After many years of operating ‘quietly but well’, we are now ready with a brand strategy that clearly shows who we are and what our customers get from partnering with us. And it is already delivering results. We are doing super well. We have loyal customers among well-known Danish clothing brands, and we are currently in dialogue with more interesting clients than ever before. At the same time, it has become easier to recruit new, talented employees, and this will help to further the company’s growth.”

Jacob Ryssel, CEO

About the project.

In close collaboration with Andersen & Stender, design concern developed a new branding strategy that lives up to their high degree of expertise and quality.

As part of the new branding strategy, we developed an updated visual profile with the new logo that matches Andersen & Stender’s DNA while appealing to the textile and fashion industry.

In addition, we developed a new digital universe in the form of a website and webshop where customers can order sustainable textile accessories. With its clear and simple layout, the website inspires and informs about the many possibilities with sustainable products from Andersen & Stender.

The new digital universe makes it easy for customers to shop at Andersen & Stender, while simultaneously making it easier to communicate the important messages on the website.

The project won the prestigious American award, Good Design Award, and was also shortlisted for the Danish Design Award. This publicity has further increased Andersen & Stender’s visibility and strengthened their competitiveness – making it easy to attract new employees.

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