Help for ambitious strategy consultants

ARVL Partners are composed of strategy consultants who specializes in the selling of food and consumer goods on the Nordic market. The company needed a strong visual identity that reflects their Nordic heritage. 

ARVL Partners


Flexibility in connection with growth

Strengthened brand

Cohesion between values and expression


“I was looking for a bureau with strategic design at their core. I had a clear idea about the expression, style and tone and needed a way to translate it into a stylish and authentic visual identity and a website that expresses ARVL’s heritage and focus. design concern approached the assignment with the exact amount of humility, professionalism and intuitive understanding for the ambition as I had hoped for. I am extremely pleased with the result and appreciate the inspiring and uncomplicated partnership.”

Nicolai Bargholz, Managing Partner

About the project.

Experienced people are behind the founding of ARVL Partners. For this reason it was important that the collaboration between design concern and ARVL Partners was close, so that the best result could be achieved and the company’s own visions could be brought to life – and live through the establishment of a new brand and a strong visual identity.

We developed a scalable website which had the primary function of giving a clear and obvious insight into who ARVL Parterns are and what they offer.

Since Denmark has a long history in food production, the company’s wish was to embrace the historical and the modern perspectives in the visual expression.

Some of the driving elements in the identity is the typography and the green color. A serif-typography was chosen to build a bridge between the new and the old. The logo is designed with the same philosophy. The same typography also works as a graphical element on the website.

The website is built in a way to make future expansions of the wesbite easy as the company grows and new demands arise.

The company has gotten a strong branding foundation they can grow on.


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