Digital platform ensures knowledge sharing

BaltSe@nior is a partnership between a series of Scandinavian and Baltic partners that work with the development of smart solutions for furniture and interior products for the growing senior population. design concerns task was to design and develop a so-called Virtual Library where knowledge within the area can easily be shared. 



Development of unique knowledge sharing platform

Solution with user in focus

Forum for support of quick communications 

Easier acces to knowledge across the sector


“With the BaltSe@nior platform, we have gotten a user-friendly forum where partners from the Baltic countries can share knowledge in connection the development of products for seniors.”

Joan Knudsen, project supervisor

About the project.

Based on knowledge from a qustionnaire taken from the different target groups, design concern have developed and designed a web-based knowledge platform – BaltSe@nior Virtual Library.

The platform is coded by hand and is ideal for searching for and sharing knowledge about seniors as well as development of products and furniture for the target group.

BaltSe@nior Virtual Library is aimed at furniture-makers, designers, developers, scientists and companies that are developing furniture that take into account seniors’ special needs. The platform has to present knowledge and data from the whole of the Baltic region but also, if possible, from other places as well.

Virtual Library encompasses a forum where users can easily communicate directly with each other.

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