Pension advisors get an easy website

BEDSTpension takes pride in helping their customers choose the right pension plan. They are among the leaders in pension analyses and are regularly featured in various media. The company’s website was in need of renewal both visually and technically.



Upgraded brand

Scalable website

Easy website maintenance

Enhanced online experience and security


“We needed a new and updated website that could meet both our customers’ and our own requirements. In other words, we wanted a reliable, well-functioning and secure solution that we could maintain ourselves. We got in touch with design concern, who, with great experience and empathy, helped us reach our goal without a hitch. The entire process flowed smoothly and the result is top-notch.”

Martin Styltsvig, Partner in BEDSTpension

About the project.

BEDSTpension needed an upgrade to their online presence to reflect the highly professional and service-minded company they are. The website therefore required an overhaul so that the branding matches BEDSTpension at present.

The company’s previous website was “hand-coded”, which made it difficult for internal employees to manage, and thus there was also a need to develop the site towards easy maintenance enabling BEDSTpension to handle the day-to-day operations themselves.

design concern redesigned and built a new scalable solution with a design lift that included the introduction of new functionalities such as a LinkedIn feed, which BEDSTpension had always dreamed of. Animations were also added to the website, bringing it to life and making it easy to read.

The website is set up in WordPress and does not require much technical knowledge for BEDSTpension to maintain, which means it can be handled internally without the need for a developer. In addition, it has become cheaper to further develop the website if more functionalities are to be added in the future.

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