Interactive station map creates an overview

Biofuel Express service customers with biodiesel in large parts of Scandinavia. To enable them to offer the very best service Biofuel Express wanted an interactive overview of their own partner stations so that customers are always aware of where they can fill up on biodiesel.

Biofuel Express


Development of interactive map

Scalable list of suppliers

Easy and accessible information flow

Improved competitiveness


“The collaboration with design concern has worked extremely well! The previous map of our fuelling stations did not work optimally on mobile devices. And since many drivers need a map of stations on the go, it was really important that the new map was responsive and easily accessible. The collaboration has worked well, the budget held, and when we had additional question we were also taken care of.”

Anne Marcussen, marketing

About the project.

To Biofuel Express’ customers, the opportunity to fill up on biodiesel is all-important.

The goal with the new interactive map was to give Bioful Express’ customers the opportunity to get an easy overview of where they could fill up on biodiesel. At the same time, the company wanted a tailor-made design experience that is modern.

Most users utilise the map from their mobile devices which is why user-friendliness and flow has been the top priority during the development – people on the move are busy, and the solution had to be easy to use. With new functions as a filter system and information boxes, Biofuel Express’ customers are only a click away from the nearest supplier of biodiesel in most of Scandinavia.

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