Online branding of textile manufacturer

Borch Textile Group produces a wide range of quality textiles and durable workwear for hygiene-demanding industries. The company has so far operated in three industries: Care, Clean, and Host. The Care sector has given rise to another sector, Health, where there are special requirements for environmentally friendly and durable workwear. A new online platform aimed to communicate this.

Borch Textile Group


Increased visibility with new online profile

Formidling af Health-produkter

Strengthened competitiveness

Modern and scalable website

User-friendly interface

Easy website maintenance


“We needed advice on the design and development of a new website. We established a partnership with design concern, who took us safely through the process. We received a thorough design proposal, and in close collaboration, we have arrived at a very good result – within the agreed time frame and budget.”

Christian Boye, Borch Textile Group

About the project.

Borch Textile Group needed a new digital platform in the form of a website that reflects them as the top professional quality and environmentally conscious company they are.

design concern designed and developed an online universe with a simple, strong, high-quality look that leaves the user with a clear overview of who the company is and what they can offer.

The web solution itself is scalable and easy to maintain.


Borch Textile Group is an international company, so the website has of course also been language-versioned, so that it is not only Danish customers who benefit from the new website.


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