Product knowledge made easily available worldwide

Borum is one of the World’s leading suppliers and developers of road marking machines. It’s important to be able to offer a good service regardless of where the customer is located in the world. That is why we at design concern are proud that Borum came to us when they needed to design and develop a web platform for the maintenance of complex product programs – with access to knowledge about Borum’s products around the clock.



Strengthened international profile

Easy website maintenance

PIM-system with data gathered in one spot

Easily avaiable and digital knowledge bank

Easy translation into new languages


Borums web platform is at the core of the company’s communication with customers around the world. Borum can easily maintain the several different product configurations with the platform. It is also simple to maintain and create new translated marketing materials – and it makes the lives of both customers and employees much easier.

Adina Florescu, marketing

About the project.

The goal with Borum’s new digital playform was two-fold: It had to ease the task of maintaining the large and complex product program for Borum’s employees, as well as allow customers from around the world access to knowledge about Borum’s road marking machines and services around the clock – and across several different time zones. 

Borum’s new web platform became the focal point for all product information and knowledge about the road marking machines. That is why user-friendliness is also an important factor since design concern designed and developed the platform based on personas. With user needs as a guiding principle, we chose to build the platform from the ground up and integrate it with a PIM (Product Information Management)-system. All information was gathered and made easily accessible for all with this system.

For the user-friendly web universe, design concern designed icons and other visual elements to aid in navigating the website. Since the site is accessed by people from many different countries, we also helped Borum to translate the platform. Finally, we developed marketing articles, i.e. brochures and flyers, for use online and on trade fairs around the world.


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