A handle on user needs creates more sales

Winner: Red Dot Award
Nominated: German Design Award og Design for All Award

In collaboration with Damixa, design concern have designed and developed a prize-winning handle for a water faucet which takes into account user needs and the hand’s ergonomics. They themselves call it: “When design makes sense” and what is more natural than to design a handle that is usable by all.



User-friendly and innovative product design

Broadly appealing form

Prize-winning design


Damixa is an example of a company that have chosen to focus aggressively on design resarch and product innovation as a way forward. A new 5-year strategy is started with design and user-involvement as central growth drivers. During the development of Damixa Clover Easy, we have focused on both functionality and aesthetics and it has so far resulted in satisfied users and three design distinctions. This is an example of the fact that a good user experience contains the potential to be a definite growth potential. Here we have chosen to collaborate with design concern who are specialists in that department.

Signe Værbak, product executive

About the project.

Damixa was founded in 1932 and it known today around the world for its faucets and installations for kitchens and bathrooms: Installations that combine stylish, Scandinavian design with excellent functionality.

Through a user-focused innovation process, design concern have created a faucet handle that is usable by all ages or reduced mobility. To kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

The user-friendly handle, Damixa Clover Easy, builds on the “design for all” principles where design includes users with different kinds of needs and where the form is broadly appealing.

Damixa Clover Easy has an iconic form. A handle that can be opened and closed with one easy press of either the hand, arm or elbow. It is usable by all no matter if it is small children’s hands or older people with arthritis.

Furthermore, design concern have developed a brochure and a campaign website for the company as part of the project.

Damixa Clover Easy has received a Red Dot Award and was nominated for both the Design for All Award and the German Design Award

See the Damixa Clover Easy video here.


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