Online auctions for hunters

Danske Herregårdsjægere is an association responsible for the professional hunting interests of its members through co-operation with relevant players in hunting and game management. The organisation needed a website that can handle annual hunting auctions and is easy to update.

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design concern


Danske Herregårdsjægere


Design of scalable website

Setup of auction module – can be handled internally

Easy maintenance for employees

We needed a website with an auction module for the upcoming hunting season. We contacted design concern, who quickly and efficiently helped us reach our goal so that we could get the auctions up and running before this year’s hunting season. We got a website with auctions that we can manage ourselves, and it works really well. We are very happy with the partnership.

Paw Hannibal Helms, Danske Herregårdsjægere

About the project.

Danske Herregårdsjægere needed a new digital platform in the form of a website where hunters can bid on the various hunts. The organisation’s previous website was developed in a system that was difficult for members to manage, and there was therefore a need to change it so that maintenance could be handled internally.

design concern built a new scalable solution that does not require a lot of technical knowledge to maintain.

The website also includes an auction module that makes it easy for employees to set up the organisation’s annual auctions that hunters can bid on.

The auction module automatically sends a notification if someone bids higher than the users’ bid and also automatically makes the initial contact with the winners of the auctions. The auction website makes it easier for everyone and ensures a great online experience.

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