Ready to export with digital platform

DanVit is a supplier of fodder for piglets, pigs for fattening and cattle in Denmark and on the export market. In connection with their journey of growth, they needed to rethink how they were better able to support their consulting and online sales.



Increased visibility

Stronger business profile

Increased competitiveness

Easy, internal website maintenance

Common communications line established across company


“DanVits’ customers need the best. The best quality, the best consulting and the best prices. But also the most user-friendly online solution and a sleek design. That is why DanVit chose to partner with design concern. Via a designsprint we got clarification about what our users and employees needed to make our daily operations easier and more efficient.”

Karsten N. Andersen, sales and marketing executive

About the project.

In close cooperation with DanVit, design concern developed a unique design universe with consideration for both DanVit’s own and their customers’ needs. The design universe involved a new design of icons and colors, a brush-up of DanVit’s current logo as well as production of informational brochures, equipment for trade fairs and illustrations.

We also counselled DanVit in how their new design elements are used to the best effect.

With an online design sprint, we found clarification about the company’s needs in connection with the creation of a new website which design concern then developed. We have also trained DanVit’s employees in how they themselves could perform the necessary updates on the website in the future.

With the new website, it has become easier for DanVit’s employees to service even more customers – and DanVit is now ready to handle further growth both domestically and abroad. 


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