Digital upgrade for SMEs

In connection with Erhvervsstyrelsen’s launch of a series of new initiatives designed to lift Denmark’s digital potential, Digital Ledelseskultur had to develop a visual profile and a digital platform. See how design concern won and solved the task.

Digital Ledelseskultur


New digital platform

User-friendly website

Clear communication of key messages

Recognizable visual universe

About the project.

In the development of a digital platform where companies could find information about the courses that boost competencies, we created a visual identity and a user-friendly website.

Through an approachable layout and clear messages, the site communicates how participation in Digital Ledelseskultur could strengthen the digital competencies for leaders and key employees.

The visual identity consists of logos, icons, typography and colors. The logo symbolizes building blocks and is shaped like a stairway of knowledge that can be climbed. The trademark is circular – an archetypical shape for an object that never stands still but is always rolling towards a new goal in digitalization. The trademark consists of the colors turquoise and eggplant, which creates a visual contrast and contributes to a fresh look.


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