Design studio gets a new corporate identity

The architectural firm Exner had for more than 50 years carried the family name Exner. In connection with a generational change, design concern developed their new identity and created a name for the company: E+N, Existing plus New architecture. In close collaboration with the architects.



Increased visiblity

Visual website

Strong and clean visual identity

Established common line of communications across platforms


In connection with a generational change, the task was to create a new name, a new identity and a new online universe which we could see ourselves in. It succeded, and our name reflects what we work with: architecture in the fault line between existing plus new. Our world is visual and the new webiste shows pictures from our many architectural projects. 

Jesper Bach, Partner, E+N

About the project.

From Exners Tegnestue to E+N – the renowned architectural firm are behind projects like Hindsgavl Castle, Koldinghus and Sydbank’s regional office in Flensborg. 

In connection with a generational change, the company, formerly known as Exner, wanted to create a new corporate identity. Included in this was the development of a new name, a new logo and a new digital universe which had to have a clear link throughout the identity program. 

design concern developed the new name, E+N, a new, simple and strong logo as well as a responsive and visual website for E+N. 

The new nam and logo clearly reflects what E+N does every day: Architecture in the fault line between existing plus new. The new website further reflects the firms strong visual profile where their many beautiful projects appear on the front of the pages. The website also present, in a visual format, E+N’s many architectural solutions in culture, businesses, residences and school and church environments.

The projects can also be downloaded as prospects in pdf-format for use in references and competitions.


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