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Kondrup&Co provides an efficient and modular export training course which ensures lasting export success. The education brings valuable knowledge as well as targeted tools to companies that want to trade internationally. design concern helped Kondrup&Co with counselling and the setup of a new website that briefly explains the education.



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“The export education has a satisfactory score of 4.52 out of 5 from the course participants – and we want to offer even more participants the opportunity to have a great experience when it comes to focusing on an education in export. Therefore, we needed a website – a “one pager” – that briefly and accurately communicates our courses and all the benefits. design concern quickly helped us reach our goal with a well-functioning and well-designed website that we are happy with.”

Allan Kondrup, CEO Kondrup&Co

About the project.

Kondrup&Co provides value to start-ups and SME’s and are experts in generating growth potential and persistent export success.

The company noticed that there was a shortage of an effective export training course on the market. Based on extended experience in exports and international trade, Kondrup&Co developed such an education.

The export education consists of six modules in which eight to 12 companies typically participate. The course lasts six months.

design concern advised, designed, and developed the export education’s new website. It resulted in a “one pager” – a short and informative page about the education and all its benefits.

The website is easy to get an overview of and explains, among other things, the modules of the education. Kondrup&Co’s many positive statements from previous participants in the export education are also featured on the page.

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