Improved customer journey increases export

ELAS is an experienced supplier and developer of elastic and non-elastic tapes. From previously producing narrow elastic tapes by the metre for the textile industry, they now develop a wide range of products for multiple industries. The online profile therefore needed to be strengthened to keep up with the company’s development and ensure visibility – also on the export market. We started by identifying the customer journey – and it paid off.



Uncovering the customer journey

Stronger communications platform

Increased competitiveness

Establishment of cohesive strategy across the company

User-friendly web solution

Improved visibility

Increased export


“At ELAS we have many years of experience in developing elastic and inelastic bands. We are a Danish manufacturer and development partner with a global outlook. design concern has helped us communicate our message through our new website, making us even more visible in the export market.”

Anders Boll, CEO

”Now we get inquiries from customers all over the world. They find our images on the internet and email us with a request for something similar.”

Kresten Karlsen, COO

About the project.

To support ELAS’ growth journey and ambitions to increase exports, we started by mapping the customer journey. We then developed an online branding platform based on customer needs and the customer journey. The new online platform consists of a responsive website that vividly tells the ELAS story through images and text.

User-friendliness and design go hand in hand, so that the customer is received in the best possible way online. The website demonstrates ELAS’ know-how, all their value offerings, and the company’s products and services. Distinctive icons with reference to the ELAS logo help users navigate the site and make it easy to find the relevant information.

The site’s streamlined and unique design universe is inviting to the company’s potential customers. It contributes to increasing the company’s visibility both domestically and on export markets.


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