Award-winning design, international attention

Winner: Red Dot Award, Good Design Award
Shortlist: Danish Design Award

For over 40 years, Gastrolux has with great care, passion, and quality in mind produced probably the world’s best biotan-coated aluminum pots and pans. See how we, in partnership with Gastrolux, developed a prize-winning series of pots and pans in recycled cast aluminum.



Award-winning design

Reduction in use of aluminum by up to 30%

Sleek, elegant, and simple form

Comfortable and safe “non-slip” handle

Protection against heat transfer

Easy Cleaning


We know that cooking and eating is deeply connected with feelings, dedication and passion – and we want to support those feelings and that passon by delivering a great tool for use in the kitchen and at the table. Now we are also offering a award-winning, Danish design developed by design concern. Both ourselves and our customers are delighted about the design and the attention it has created. You can buy the products here:

Martin Eggert Jørgensen, CEO

About the project.

Gastrolux combine Danish know-how with Swiss quality when they produce their pot and pan series. In the development of a new series for their collection, design concern helped design and develope a pot and pan series made in cast, recycled aluminum. 

The pot and pan series ensures a reduction in the use of aluminum by up to 30% while they still maintain a sleek and elegant look. The steep sides give the most room possible for the food during cooking. At the same time, the product’s biotan coating contributes to a cooking process that avoids the use of fats and oils.

During the innovative process, we have furthermore focused on the practical circumstances. A comfortable and secure non-slip handle protects against heat transfer, while the pots and pans are easy to clean.

We have thereby succeeded in creating a new series, that delivers on Gastrolux’s high product quality and luxurious design, which accordingly was awarded the renowned, German design award Red Dot Award and the award Good Design Award. The series also got a nomination for Dansk Design Award.

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