Visibility and additional sales through rebranding

Through the sale of new and used agricultural machinery, GØMA are specialists in the handling of natural fertilisers. GØMA had growth ambitions, which required a new international marketing and branding strategy with sustainability in focus. GØMA chose design concern as a partner and became so attractive that they were subsequently sold to a competitor.

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Online internationalisation strategy

Optimising online marketing

Export-ready with enhanced competitiveness

Possibility for reaching growth goals

Strong visual profile

Subsequent purchase by competitor

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In connection with increased internationalisation, it is crucial to execute on branding and digitalisation. GØMA has taken the first step in a digital strategy that will bring the company to the forefront when it comes to handling natural fertilizer. design concern won the contract and solved it in the best possible fashion.

Karsten Kammer, sales executive

About the project.

After a thorough reshaping of GØMA’s international marketing and branding strategy, the company now appears as professional and sustainable as it always was.

With a mission of redeeming GØMA’s growth potential abroad, design concern worked with the company’s visibility, branding, and visual identity. Furthermore, we have also developed a new digital platform which can handle international growth.

Outside of elevating the company’s visual profile, the new digital platform improved both GØMA’s economy and their daily operations. A PIM (Product Information Management)-system has been embedded into the platform, which collects data and pictures in one place. It is therefore easy for the company to collect and act upon data from e.g. product information and sales material. That way, GØMA is always updated on all channels which is effective and time-efficient.

GØMA has since been bought by Samson.

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