Rebranding creates visibility and growth

How do we become the preferred brand when it comes to window decorations? How do we create visibility, get more curtain measurings and sales? See how Juvita Sun Design changed name to groovi and created growth via design and rebranding. 



Growth via rebranding

Userfriendly website

More hot leads via website

Increased visibility and sales


“In connection with a rebranding and choosing a new name, groovi, it was important for us to create a new brand, design universe and website which are also groovi, trendy and functional. The target group are women and the design has to be visually stunning for customers to buy it. It is also important that the website enables conversions. That is why we chose to collaborate with design concern – and we are extremely happy with the result.”

Jørgen Adelgaard, sales executive

About the project.

groovi – formerly Juvita Sun Design – is a curtain and wallpaper concept which makes it easy to create a complete home decoration with matching products. Juvita Sun Design wanted to create a new, nordic brand which could help the business grow. 

The choice of name fell on groovi – a word with positive associations which is also easy to pronounce in most languages. 

The logo is created in a strong and legible typography and used in black and negative. Furthermore, the logo is made in light colors which underlines the nordic universe.

With a new name and logo in place, we developed a website with a focus on beautiful pictures to draw inspiration from and “call-to-action”-buttons. That way, users are guided into booking a free groovi-specialist/curtain bus. 

Furthermore, the website makes it easy to filter the desired products. This makes the user able to see the specific options the individual product entailes. 


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