Help to a green agenda.

The future is green. Is your business green too?

Awareness about the environment and climate change is here to stay. That is why you also must think sustainability into your business – and we’re ready to help you.

When you ask the Danes who has to take responsibility for green initiatives, more and more point towards businesses. This is evident from Bæredygtighedsbarometeret 2021, which examines what the Danes expect of the sustainable agenda. Your customers also expect you to show the way forward.

You maybe already be well on your way in thinking sustainability into your business. But are you telling you potential customers and employees about?

A study from Dansk Industri show that seven out of ten Danish companies work strategically with sustainability. But interestingly, only five out of ten are telling the world about what they. Especially small companies are lagging behind.

This is a shame because a majority of Danes want to choose sustainable goods and services, however, they aren’t always feeling equipped to make the choice. Only one out of five feel well-informed about which companies deliver sustainable services.

To put it another way, there is a lot of potential in telling the world about which initiatives you have made in your company.

If you haven’t already started sustainability initiatives, there is also help to get. See how we can help you below.

Here you’ll also find the Forbrugerombudsmandens guide to businesses about environmental marketing.

This is how we can help you.

Is you company already sustainable?
Let us communicate it.

We can make you company’s green agenda clear for your existing and potential customers as well as your employees.

We have already done it for the company Andersen & Stender, which delivers accessories for the fashion and textile sector.

We have helped with

  • Communicating the company’s green initiatives on their website so that it communicates the concrete sustainable solutions and products that the company delivers
    E.g., with the brochure “Let us make it easy for you to be sustainable,” see the brochure here
  • Supporting the message visually with “green” icons for website and social media
  • Optimizing the message’s visibility via SEO

Are you missing green ideas?
Let us help you in the right direction.

We want to help you develop your company in a green direction.

The road forward could for example be a tailored sprint course. Here you’ll get help to develop ideas and get clarity in a few days. The sprint is a facilitated and efficient course which focuses on your and your customer’s expectation and concrete needs.

You might already have an idea but need to develop a solution for a definite need.

We have helped KIBO Sikring with designing and developing a needs configurator which saves transportation time and CO2. The solution benefits the company, the customer and the environment.

It is possible to apply for funding for green initiatives

See how we have helped others.

KIBO Sikring

CO2 reduction and satisfied customers.

Challenge. To spare employees and the enviroment from long trips on the road, to reduce the amount of unnecessary on-site visits to customers and to strengthen the digital customer interaction with a digital solution.

Result. Needs configurator which can

  • Help the customer uncover their preliminary security needs online 24/7
  • Generate hot leads for sales department
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and save time and money for KIBO Sikring

The needs configurator makes it easy for the customer to get a preliminary idea about their security needs. Following this, they can easily send an inquiry to KIBO Sikring. Long trips on the road are thereby avoided. The solution both benefit the company, the customer and the environment.

Lundsby Biogas

Complex, time-demanding sales process optimized.

Challenge. To develope ideas and test how a digital prototype can ease the sales process. To make calculations and configurations of complex biogas plants easy and effective – in short, an easy process from biomass to CO2 neutral gas. 

Result. Idea generation and test of time-saving biogas calculator which can

  • Simplify and optimize complex calculations
  • Ease internal knowledge sharing and training of new employees
  • Visualize options and advantages for the customer

Based on the sprint, the biogas calculator has been completed and has paved the road to satisifed customers/employees and, not least, large savings. 

Andersen & Stender

Communicate your green initiatives and save the environment simultaneously.

Challenge. When you, as Andersen & Stender does, have an opinion about the climate and the environment and furthermore have goals for sustainable partnerships, you are naturally inclined to have demands for how you communicate.

Result. Communication of green initiatives on the website

  • New sections on sustainability
  • 24/7 availability
  • Easy and nice online brochure to look through – with active links
  • Sustainable and climate-friendly

Online brochures to save both ink and paper – and they are easy to update. No more outdated brochures. 

Andersen & Stender received a grant from the export fund, Global Midt.