Easy overview of a complex energy system

Insero Science Academy offers guidance and education within the fields of energy, innovation, entrepreneurship and the natural sciences. At design concern we designed and built Energy Together (E2G) – an international e-learning platform which gives an overview of the energy system for educational use.

Insero Science Academy


Visualization and overview of the energy system

Knowledge sharing and e-learning tool

Easier decision making through informed choices

Foundation for further e-learning offerings


“Energy Together is an excellent solution for a possible international standard that can create immense value by optimizing communications between the people that plan, develop and operate the energy system.”

Flemming Nissen, Chief Developer

About the project.

design concern created a web-based tool for knowledge sharing and e-learning that maps the technical energy system and the decisions made in the energy sector as a whole. This makes it possible to observe and understand the connections within the energy sector. The platform is design and coded from the bottom up and in close cooperation with Insero Science Academy.

The platform helps decision makers make robust, long-term decisions on the energy market.

The E2G-platform is intended for use primarily by energy companies and authorities, but the user-friendly interface is readily available for all with an interest for the energy system.

The platform is also used as a tool in a series of courses for workers in the energy sector and among the authorities.


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