Sharp profile and universe for scale-up business

Ipart is a certified project and development house specialised in sustainable and modular building concepts. Today, the company is a subsidiary of Ipart Group and undergoing rapid growth. To go along with the company’s further development, design concern helped create a new and user-friendly online universe.



Increased visibility through a strong profile

Strengthened competitiveness

User-friendly online universe


“As we faced the launch of our new company group, Ipart Group, including two existing and two new subsidiaries, we needed an overall CVI with everything this entailed – logos, colour palettes, graphic elements, new sites etc. design concern was our partner here, helping to keep track of all the many tasks while creating a common thread throughout the expression and the individual elements. All through the project, design concern has had a great overview and not least demonstrated great helpfulness, commitment, and ability to both act quickly in certain aspects and at the same time be patient in others in terms of waiting time due to various work processes in our company – all with a big smile and service mind.”

Mia Belland Sølvsten, Group Communication Manager, Ipart Group A/S

About the project.

Ipart’s website needed a redesign to reflect the company as it is today: an innovative company specialised in concept development of sustainable and modular building concepts, who, among other things, design, develop, and install prefabricated gas stations and more.

Ipart cares about effectiveness, quality, and visual performance. To express this, they also needed a redesign of their visual identity and online universe.

design concern helped Ipart to present themselves as a unique, modern, and highly professional company.

The website now has a simple, strong, and industrial look, which leaves the user with a clear understanding of the company and their services. Furthermore, the solution is scalable to follow along with the company’s continuous growth.

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