Digitisation promotes green transition

KIBO Sikring plans, installs, and services small and large solutions within mechanical security, electronic surveillance, and mobile security. Through green business development, the company wanted to reduce its CO2 emissions through new digital initiatives that can reduce transport to customer sites in the deployment phase. design concern designed and developed the digital interaction with the company’s B2B customers, which saves transport time and CO2.

KIBO Sikring


Better customer satisfaction

Savings through reduced transportation

Reduced the company’s carbon footprint

Around-the-clock availability


“I came into contact with Lone from design concern through SMV Digital’s list of consultants. I quickly felt that design concern understood our company and the issue we were facing in relation to a greener mindset. design concern was skilled at challenging our thoughts and ideas, and has acted as a good sparring partner on the project. In addition, they were quick to gain an understanding of our industry and how we can add value for our clients.”

Jakob Traberg-Tolboe, IT manager

About the project.

As a first step in KIBO Sikring’s green agenda, design concern designed and built a user-friendly

online needs configurator, where the customer is quickly guided through simple, visual steps towards a suitable security solution that fits the current needs. The configurator is built in such a way that products and solutions are filtered by customer type, so the customer does not get lost in a plethora of options.

In addition, the configurator makes it easy for customers to become more clear on their security needs, after which they can easily send a request to KIBO Security themselves.

During the process, a number of clarifying questions are asked, which means that KIBO Sikring’s sales staff can easily and quickly return with a concrete, targeted offer, thus avoiding unnecessary trips on the road. The solution benefits the company, the customer, and the environment.

As an added bonus, KIBO Insurance is now available 24/7 – to even greater satisfaction for the customers.

The first step towards reduced CO2 emissions has now been taken via digitalisation.

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