Visibility and more sales through design

Kondrup&Co assists startups and small- and medium-sized businesses to create value and growth via business development, internationalization and organizational development. design concern contributed by developing their new brand, new corporate identity and a new online universe which increases visibility and adds value.



Development of new corporate identity

Focused communications effort

Universe which reflects the business’ professionalism

Increase visibility, competitiveness and sales


“At Kondrup&Co we want to create focused growth on the B2B-market via business counselling and close cooperation. We make a difference for startups and small- and medium-sized business and offer support that makes a difference. From the start, we chose to work with the design company design concern, which have developed our visual identity and website. We were immediately on the same wavelength – they have listened to our desires, offered counterplay – and today we have a remarkable result that we are immensely pleased with.”

Allan Kondrup, CEO

Om projektet.

The task set for design concern was to create a strong brand which underlines the potential for business development and advantages you get by cooperating with Kondrup&Co.

The branding stands out with its simple yet strong universe. The logo was transformed into a clear and simple shape: forceful letters in black with a yellow ampersand. The ampersand symbolizes cooperation and the benefits you get when you choose the consultant house Kondrup&Co as a business partner. Additionally, we have developed strong and colorful icons that represent the different services that Kondrup&Co offer.

In close cooperation we got an overview of both form and content for the new website so that it is easy to tell what potential a client can expect from a partnetship with Kondrup&Co.

The new identity reflects both an experienced owner and a modern company with a clear message.


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