Digital reporting eases daily operations

Kran og Staal services cranes, makes steel constructions and weldings as well as mounting industrial rubber on construction sites. The company wished to digitalize their process of reporting in connection with inspections. Along with a redesign of a new and user-friendly online universe, design concern also developed an employee portal with a function for documenting inspections.

Kran og Staal


Increased visibility with strong profile

Enhanced competitiveness

User-friendly interface

Effective and cost-efficient online reporting

Administrative burden ease for employees


“We have had our website updated which makes it easier for our clients to find us as well as to communicate our competencies in the best possible way. We have also received a new digital reporting tool which we can used directly at the building site. It is super effective. Our experience with design concern is that they have completely understood our business – and we have received a solution that we can grow with.”

Alex Døssing, CEO

About the project.

Kran og Staal had an aging website with minimal information that did not yield any leads from new clients.

design concern designed a new online universe that reflectes Kran og Staal as the deeply professional and service-minded company that they are.

The website shows the four areas that the company operates within, i.e. construction steel, lifting gear, cranes and industrial rubber.

The site now contains an employee login where employees can log their hours and fill out inspection reports online from the building site.

The reports can be sent directly to the client and also serves as documentation for completed work.

A digital sales list has also been developed where the employees can fill out the different subcomponents that are often involved in an inspection. This is also possible to do directly from the building site.  The digital sales list ensures that the material that is being used is also sent as an invoice instead of being forgotten.

Kran og Staal has received a digital and scaleable universe that eases their daily work and makes the company more profitable.

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