Business development via B2B growth platform

The startup company Leaping Elephant got the idea for a unique growth platform. The platform was going to be a place, where companies and consultants can meet to create business together. The idea required a whole new digital setup, and design concern assisted the company towards being the perfect growth platform.

Leaping Elephant


Online meeting place for consultants and companies

Design and development partner

Unique communication platform

Scalable digital platform

Design universe


“The purpose of Leaping Elephant is to give growth-oriented companies in primarily the SME segment and young companies the optimal conditions for growth. Leaping Elephant gives you a partner and a log-in for the development of your company. design concern has listened, contributed, and counter-played all the way in the process of creating an independent growth platform for the purpose. It has been a good process, and we have reached a great result, which we can grow with.”

Allan Kondrup Jensen, CEO

About the project.

Many companies find it difficult to get an overview of the many great public and private offers that exist in Denmark.

In close collaboration with the founder of Leaping Elephant, design concern developeded a new license-based growth platform. Here, companies and advisers can meet to get competent, impartial advice and knowledge as well as easy access to specialists. In addition, the growth platform facilitates events, networking, funding and financing opportunities, and much more.

All the platform’s offerings contribute to the development and growth of companies. Furthermore, all the services are gathered in one place. In addition to sparring and development of the digital platform, design concern was responsible for the development of logos, visual universe, and videos, in order for the platform to look as great as possible to potential subscribers.

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