Complex calculation made digital and user-friendly

How can we simplify and optimise the display of complex calculations to our customers, saving time in the sales process? And how can we help our sales people to communicate their knowledge in the easiest way? These were the two key questions Lundsby Renewable Solutions (formerly known as Lundsby Biogas) came to the design concern with. Through intuitive design, we have simplified the communication of technical knowledge so that it is easy to understand. This also makes it easier to sell.

Lundsby Renewable Solutions


Digitalisation of a knowledge-dependent sales process

Improved customer experience

Simplified sales process

Easy training of new sales people

Improved competitiveness

Business development


“For a long time, we have had a lengthy and arduous sales process, and a need arose to make this process easier as Lundsby grows and gets busier. We got in touch with Lone from design concern. Working with Lone and her team, we identified which part of the sales process we could benefit from digitising. This is the part where we prepare calculations for the right composition of biomass, to achieve the best result from an investment in a biogas plant. We had a biogas calculator developed to handle the complex calculations in a digital and easy way. It’s a product that helps facilitate the sales process, but also a visually appealing product we can be proud to work with out in the field with clients.”

Karsten Hjorth, CEO and partner

About the project.

design concern developed a new, digital biogas calculator that shortens the sales process and creates an overview for the customer.

The biogas calculator makes it easy to perform and configure even very complex calculations, and the results are easily visualised for customers in the sales process. For example, customers can see what output they can expect based on the biomass they have.

The biogas calculator made it easy for the customer to get answers to complex questions and gain insight into when a biogas plant will be a good business.

Among other things, we developed an icon-based segmentation of the biomasses that makes it easy to create an overview and visualise manure volumes and biomass plan.

The biogas calculator improves the sales process for both the salesperson and the customer, partly because it is intuitive to use – also as training for new sales staff.

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