Complex calculation made digital and user-friendly

How do we simplify and optimize the presentation of complex calculations for our clients which saves us time during the sales process? And how do we help our sales people communicate our knowledge as easy as possible? Those were the two central question Lundsby Biogas came to design concern with. With an intuitive design, we have simplified the dissemination of technical knowledge which makes it easy to understand. This also makes it easier to sell.

Lundsby Biogas


Digitalization of a knowledge-dependent sales process

Improved customer experience

Simplified sales process

Easy training of new sales people

Improved competitiveness

Business development


“For a long time, we have had a lengthy and arduous sales process and a need arose to have this process eased to keep up with Lundsby Biogas’ increased growth and business activity. We came into contact with Lone from design concern. In collaboration with Lone and her team, we figured out which part of the sales process we could digitalize to great effect. We chose the part that involves calculating the correct composition of biomass to achieve the best result when investing in a biogas plants. We developed a biogas calculator for the handling of the complex calculations on a digital and easy-to-use platform. It is a product which eases the sales process, but it is also a visually stunning product which we can use with pride in the field.”

Karsten Hjorth, CEO and partner

About the project.

design concern developed a new digital biogas calculator which shortens the sales process and creates an overview for the client. 

The biogas calculator makes it easy to perform and configure very complex calculations and the results are visualized in a simple manner for the client during the sales process. For example, a client can now see which output can be expected according to the composition of the biomass that is used. 

The biogas calculator made it easy to get answers to complex questions and get an insight into the profitability of a biogas plant.

We developed an icon-based segmentation of the different kinds of biomass which makes it easy to get an overview and to visualize the amount of manure and biomass. 

The biogas calculator improves the sales process for both salesperson and customer because it is intuitive – even for new salespeople in training.

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