Award-winning chair users love to sit in

Award: Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award
Shortlist: FX Interior Design Award

Magnus Olesen A/S is a renowned and quality-conscious furniture company. The demographic development with more seniors has created a need to develop furniture that combines aesthetics with ultimate functionality, and at the same time relieves injuries such as back pain from sitting for long periods.

Magnus Olesen


Unique design with optimal ergonomics

Best possible seating comfort for alle users 

Stepless adjustment of chair back and integrated lumbar cushion

Attractive design chair on the market


“It is not just any product that is put into production at Magnus Olesen A/S. The i-SIT chair stems from a good idea and has one purpose, to combine ultimate comfort with outstanding design. The i-SIT chair designed by design concern has succeeded in this.”

Nils Knudsen, CEO

About the project.

Magnus Olesen’s i-SIT chair is a departure from a previous market situation where consumers had to choose between an ergonomically correct solution or a stylish design solution. With i-SIT, design concern has managed to create an armchair that combines aesthetics with ultimate functionality.

In the development process, seniors and users with special needs, such as back problems, weak wrists, and arthritis, have been the focus of user research. Magnus Olesen i-SIT has thus become an armchair that everyone, regardless of age, height, weight, and physical ability, can sit comfortably in.

i-SIT has a clean and simple Scandinavian style and a unique design that makes an impression 360 degrees around, while offering a long list of ergonomic features.

The width and inclination of the seat are adjusted to fit all users comfortably, while the seating height makes it easy to get up from the chair. The back of the chair is steplessly adjustable with a control button at the armrest, and at the same time the back of the chair naturally follows the rotation point of the hip when leaning back.

In addition, the chair has an integrated lumbar cushion that can also be adjusted to the user’s needs, ensuring maximum comfort.

Users love the fully upholstered i-SIT chair and the design has received two international design awards and one shortlisting.


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