Award-winning chair users love to sit in

Award: Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award
Shortlist: FX Interior Design Award

Magnus Olesen A/S is a renowned and quality-conscious furniture company. The demographic development with an increasing amount of seniors have created a need for the development of furniture which unites aesthetics and utmost functionality. Furthermore, furniture also has to ease injuries e.g. back pain when one sits for long periods of time. 

Magnus Olesen


Unique design with optimal ergonomics

Best possible seating comfort for alle users 

Stepless adjustment of chair back and integrated pillow

Attractive design chair on the market


It isn’t just another product that has been put into production at Magnus Olesen A/S. The i-SIT chair is brought into the world based on a good idea and with a purpose of uniting ultimate comfort with unique design. This has succeded with the i-SIT chair designed by design concern.

Nils Knudsen, CEO

About the project.

The Magnus Olesen i-SIT chair is a break with the previous situation on the market where the consumer is forced to choose either ergonomics or design. With the i-SIT, design concern have created a reclining chair that unites aesthetics and functionality.

In the development process, seniors and differently abled users, e.g. people with back problems, weak wrists or arthitis, have been the focus of the user surveys. The Magnus Olesen i-SIT have thus become a reclining chair for everyone to sit comfortably in regardless of age, height, weight and physical ability.

The i-SIT has an easy and simple Scandinavian form with a unique design that makes an impression in 360 degrees. At the same time, the list of ergonomic functionality is long.

The seats width and inclination is tuned to fit all users well while the seating height makes it easy to get out of the chair. The chair’s back has a stepless adjustment with a button for operation by the armrest. At the same time, the chair’s back follows the hips rotational point naturally when one is reclining in the chair. 

Furthermore, the chair has an integrated pillow that can also be adjusted according to the user needs which ensures maximum comfort. 

The users are crazy about the fully upholstered i-SIT chair. And the design chair has received two international design prizes and a shortlisting. 


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