Ultimate rest and waiting chair

Magnus Olesen is a renowned furniture producer who developes and produces quality furniture. In close collaboration with Magnus Olesen, design concern was tasked with designing a chair for Gentofte Hospital for use by patients. The chair naturally had to live up to the demands of a hospital environment and still be both nice to look at and sit in.  

Magnus Olesen Solacia


Ergonomic design chair

High standard of hygiene 

Design chair that lives to the practical context

Functional design solution which lessens the sense of illness


“Our collaboration with design concern has been absolutely optimal. design concern are good at listening. They quickly understood the challenges and high demands there were, but also the wishes we had aesthetically. Solacia lives up to all the ergonomic and hygienic aspects. While it exudes homeliness it still aligns completely with our interior design.”

Johanna Alveros, leading architect, Gentofte Hospital

About the project.

Gentofte Hospital had for a long time scoured the market for a resting chair which could meet the demands required by a hospital enviroment. The demands were primarily centered on ergonomics and easy cleaning. Furthermore, the chair had to carry an aesthetic that limited the sense of illness in the patient.

User surveys had a big influence on the making of the chair. Outside of the healthcare personel and users, design concern also included porters and cleaners in the attempt to design the exact chair that accomodated all needs.

The resting chair is developed with a patient with a non-acute illness in mind. These are patients with surgical and medicinal conditions that makes it sensible to get out of bed and rest in a good chair for a few hours on a daily basis.

The Solacia chair has optimal seating comfort and is easy to get up from. It comes in three different heights where the highest version has a reclining feature. The chair is naturally made with functionality in mind, but it was equally important to create a piece of furniture that didn’t visually signal that it was a piece of funiture with a function. The beautiful design was furthermore designed to lessen the sense of illness in the patient.

The chair can also be used in lounge areas, airports and other enviroments where aesthetics and functionality had to come together.


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