High quality offline - now also online

MC Uldall Maskinfabrik works with the treatment of stainless steel, plastic, and aluminium as well as supplies the food and pharmaceutical sectors. The company needed a redesign of their website and a user-friendly online universe which clarified their competencies and made them attractive for clients and employees.

MC Uldall Maskinfabrik


Increased visibility

Enhanced business profile

Improved competitiveness

Easier to attract new employees

User-friendly website

Easy maintenance for the company

Logo MC Uldall Maskinfabrik

“To enhance our business profile and attract new clients and employees, we have long considered an upgrade for our website. design concern helped us with the design and development. We have gotten a website which lives up to our wishes and is easy to maintain. We have increased our visibility and that creates a lot of traffic to our website.”

Casper Rosvall, Chief of production

About the project.

MC Uldall Maskinfabrik needed a new website that showed the world their strong competencies and the company’s services. 

design concern designed a new online universe that reflects MC Uldall Maskinfabrik as the quality conscious and serviceminded company that they are.

The new website tells the story about the company’s firm commitment to quality that is maintained by master craftsman, journeyman, apprentice, and administrative personel. 

The services that the factory specializes in are described on different subpages, and the website has been optimized for search engines to make the company easy to find on various search engines and search queries. At the same time, the company has now become more attractive for future employees.

Last but not least, MC Uldall Maskinfabrik have gotten a scalable website that they can grow with.


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