Renewed interest and easy maintenance via brush-up

Nem-Sagsbehandling has extensive experience with professional and efficient case management of housing transactions. The company’s website was in need of renewal both visually and technically. Among the requests were a brushup that reflects the company’s DNA today, as well as a technical upgrade to make updating the website easy to handle in-house.



Brand / visual identity upgrade

Scalable website

Easy website maintenance

Enhanced online experience and security


We already had a great website, but needed to liven it up and update it to a 2023 level. Through my network, I had been recommended to contact design concern.

design concern met my wishes/needs immediately, and the process to a finished and beautiful new website was fast and efficient. Very competent employees who are always very service-minded. I have been very satisfied throughout the entire process and would definitely recommend the company to others.

Helle Nordlund, Nem-Sagsbehandling

About the project.

Nem-Sagsbehandling is constantly evolving. Therefore, their online presence needed an upgrade to reflect the service-minded and customer-oriented company they are. It was time for a brush up so the branding matches Nem-Sagsbehandling of today.

The company’s former website was “hand-coded”, making it difficult for internal employees to manage, which also necessitated a redevelopment of the site to ensure easy maintenance, allowing Nem-Sagsbehandling to handle the day-to-day operations themselves.

design concern redesigned and built a new scalable solution with a fresh design boost, including the introduction of new warm colors. Animations were also added to the website, bringing it to life and making it easy to read.
The website is set up in WordPress and does not require much technical knowledge for Nem-Sagsbehandling to maintain, so it can be handled internally without the need to contact a developer.

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