Successful startup via design and branding

Where do we start with design and branding? How do we design occlusion equipment that ensures the best performance so that the best atheletes are ensured the best possible rehabilitation? How do we communicate and sell our products online? Experience how Occlude had a complete journey with design thinking  – and how design concern helped.



Professional design of occlusion products

Logo design, visual identity and packaging

Establishment of a consistent design across all products

Increased competitiveness

Increased sales domestically and abroad via online shop

Online knowledge sharing about occlusion training


“First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you for helping us realize our project. It turned out exactly as we envisioned it and we have already received a lot of praise. We are very satisifed and so are our customers.”

Thomas Cortebeeck, CEO

About the project.

Because Occlude was still a startup, the expansion of the company had to happen bit by bit. The company came to us on several occasions which maintained continuity and made the design line that characterizes the company today possible.

design concern was therefore responsible for a progressive, global solution that both encompassed the company’s physical products, visual identity and website with accompanying online shop.

As an example, we designed their logo that visualizes a bloodvein that is having its flow partially restricted. The color is blood red with a lighter twist. The visual identity is maintained in their business cards, posters, user manuals, packaging, white papers and more.

The occlusion cuffs for exercise use are designed to be easy to use – and they have a heat stamped Occlude-logo, which indicates where to regulate the amount of air inside the cuff to achieve the correct pressure. The cuffs can be rolled up for easy storage and are available in three different sizes for the upper arm and thigh. The sizes are colour coded and a mesh bag is also included which makes the cuff easy to hang up for storage.

The foundation for the new online shop was clarified during a sprint session. The online shop was developed and designed following this session. Finally, design concern produced content in the form of instructional pictures and videos.


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