Successful startup via design and branding

How do we best get started with design and branding? How do we design occlusion equipment that performs at its best to ensure top athletes get the best possible rehabilitation? How do we market and sell products online? See Occlude’s complete journey with design thinking  – and how design concern helped.



Professional design of occlusion products

Logo design, visual identity, and packaging

Establishment of a consistent design across all products

Increased competitiveness

Increased sales domestically and abroad via online shop

Online knowledge sharing about occlusion training


“First of all, thank you for your help in making our project a reality. It has turned out just as we hoped and we have already received a lot of praise. We are very satisfied and, fortunately, so are our customers.”

Thomas Cortebeeck, CEO

About the project.

Because Occlude was a start-up, business expansion had to be done in smaller chunks. However, the company approached design concern in several stages, which made it possible to establish the common thread that characterises the company today.

design concern thus became responsible for a step-by-step total solution that included the design of the company’s physical products, visual identity, website and webshop.

As an example, we designed a logo visualising a vein with a partially blocked blood supply. The colour is red like blood, but with a lighter twist. The visual identity is used in business cards, banners, posters, manuals and user guides, product packaging, white papers, etc.

The occlusion cuffs for exercise use are designed to be easy to use – and with a heat-embossed Occlude logo that marks where to regulate airflow to achieve the right pressure. The cuffs can be rolled up and are available in three different sizes for upper arm and thigh. The size is indicated by colours. A mesh bag is included for easy hanging in the gym.

The basis for the new webshop was clarified at a sprint course. The webshop has subsequently been designed and developed. In addition, we produced content in the form of images and videos showing how the products are used in training situations.


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