New universe for boundless travel experiences

Panorama Travel is a specialised travelling agency that offers exciting experiences through both culture and nature travels. At design concern we were tasked with creating a visual identity and universe that reflects Panorama Travel’s DNA, both on physical and digital platforms – as well as ensuring people interested in travel finds the website.

Panorama Travel


Visual universe across platforms

Increased competitiveness

Improved website traffic

Increased visibility

Established common communcations line across company


“At Panorama Travel we have a strong focus on creating travelling experiences across all boundaries. It has to be an experience that moves something inside the customer. We chose from the start to work with the design company, design concern, which have developed our visual identity and our website. design concern understood our message and designed a visual identity and a website that supports our mission. In short: We have gottten a common direction for everything we communicate.”

Søren Bonde, CEO

About the project.

The new visual identity reflects the traveller who is on their way towards new experiences. The logo was therefore designed with a pair of wandering legs that visualises that one is moving both physically and mentally when travelling with Panorama Travel.

The visual universe is expanded on both website and SoMe, on business cards, at trade fairs, on suitcase stickers, T-shirts, and all other places where Panorama Travel is visible.

The website is designed and developed so it inspires and guides visitors towards new experiences and travel destinations. It has to be informative, accessible, and user-friendly, but it also has to pique the curiosity and wanderlust in the visitors.

With this in mind, different visual effects and big, beautiful photographs paint a picture about all the exciting travels that are waiting out in the world. The website has also been search engine optimised to strengthen visibility for potential customers. The use of colour in the logo and on the website is based on the colours of nature.

We have thereby created a common direction across the company’s channels which ensures recognisability and credibility with the customer.

The SEO work has further increased the sales for the company.

SEO work on website has given these results


Increased number of users


Increased user sessions


Increased amount of page views

These numbers are compared to the previous period on Google Analytics


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