Digital platform for innovative company

Parcel4you have succes in delivering parcels. They have specialized in tailored shipping solutions for e-commerce, and they wanted a scalable digital platform that matches the user’s needs – and helps create a unique and recognizable identity at the same time. Simplicity and clarity was the focus. 



Improved visibility, improved user-friendliness

Strong, visual profile

Strengthened competitiveness

Easy maintenance of the website


“Bright colors, big images and simple icons create a simple and clean expression. The reoccurring horizontal bands split the content into fields and create accesibility and hierarchy on the pages.” 


About the project.

Parcel4you is a specialized distributor that offers tailored solutions. With innovative ideas, Parcel4you service customers across borders – always with the end-user’s needs in focus. 

Along with Parcel4you, we found a digital platform for them: A scalable, user-friendly and responsive website which ensures good communications.

Among the graphic elements are large pictures and icons which gives an overview of the services. Users can quickly find the desired information.

The website is easy to translate as the company expands to new markets. Today, the website is translated into German, English, Polish and Danish – and it is easy to maintain for internal employees.

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