Strong action plan and optimal user experiences

Danish Pressalit Care develops and markets bathroom and kitchen solutions for people with reduced physical abilities. At the same time, Pressalit Care always strives to develope and offer the best services. How do we ensure that the services match the customers’ needs – and, if possible, exceed expectations?



Customer journey uncovered

Insight into which services create the most value

Improvement potentials identified

Ideas for new services


“We listen – because at Pressalit, we respect other people and their opinions. We enjoy recognition for our efforts – and believe that we find strength through diversity.

We give… We play… We act… And we must always creatie the most optimal customer experiences.”

Quote: Pressalit marketing

About the project.

When identifying potential improvements to existing and new services, it is of course essential to examine user needs. Pressalit Care asked design concern to survey professional user groups in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom who come into contact with Pressalit Care’s services. The company spends a lot of resources on services, so it is essential that the services offered also create added value for users.

In close cooperation with Pressalit, we selected existing services for testing.

We then prepared interview guides for user interviews and surveyed the user groups’ (occupational therapists, architects, and technical personnel in public and private institutions) experience with Pressalit Care’s services.

Through service design methods we got closer to the professional user groups. And based on current user needs, we created a knowledge base that became crucial for further development of the most optimal and efficient services. Services that target relevant partners in the value chain and that create effective marketing and support additional sales.

In the process, we also identified a number of ideas for new services that support and enhance Pressalit Care’s current service concept.


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