Now the lid no longer slams

Danish Pressalit is one of the world’s leading companies in the production and design of toilet seats. Pressalit asked design concern to design a new seat which in elegant fashion integrates a fitting that ensures that the seat never slams. 



Increased visibility with new design

Toilet seat that doesn’t slam

Increased competitiveness


“Discrete. Design. Delicious. Delight takes the letter “D” literally and fits most D-shaped toilet bowls. Wrap-over underlines the tight design and the soft close function makes it a pleasure to use. That gives satisifed customers.”

Quote: Pressalit marketing

About the project.

The task was to design and give shape to a simple toilet seat design with the soft-close function which fits most D-shaped toilet bowls.

Discrete. Design. Delicious. That was the feeling one should have when the finished product was installed. During the design proces, we went through a series of variations and decided on a soft and curved form.

The toilet seat got the name Delight and was manufactured in dyed duroplast with hinges in stainless steel and plastic.

The Delight seat has a so-called wrap-over lid which closes on it’s own without slamming – and it is already saving a lot of families a lot of discussion.


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