Online subscription sales with SIM card activation

Profort develops surveillance and control systems for museums, the agricultural and industrial industry, as well as the public sector. The systems use SIM cards that the customers buy and activate through a digital subscription platform. To go along with future export, they need a new easy-to-use online platform capable of handling more customers and currencies.



Easy SIM card activation for the customers

Easy to manage more customers

Payment with more currencies

Login functionality



The new online subscription platform has eased the workload and made it possible for more people in the organisation to manage customers and subscriptions. At the same time, both the operational reliability regarding the activation of SIM cards as well as the clarity on the site – both frontend and backend – has increased significantly. It works amazingly well! Thank you very much!

Torben Iversen, CEO

About the project.

On the new, user-friendly online platform both private and business customers can buy, activate, and manage SIM cards for Profort’s products. During activation, the system automatically validates the SIM cards against a database from the SIM card supplier through an API. 

The platform makes it possible to interact with Profort online 24/7, which makes it easy for the customers. At the same time, the workload at Profort has decreased significantly because the system, among other things, uses direct debit payment.

With this solution, Profort is now ready to manage and service a lot more customers.

The platform is designed and developed by design concern in close collaboration with Profort. Additionally, design concern has managed the migration of customers, subscriptions, and information from previous databases into the new system.


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