Reading-friendly redesign of regional reports

Region Midtjylland needed to communicate large amounts of data about the health of the citizens in central Jutland for political decision-making. For this assignment, design concern developed reports in a readable format with clear data. 

design concern


Region Midtjylland


Comprehensive data material for the development of health policies

Reader-friendly reports

Presentational material


“Throughout the proces, we have had great respect for the graphic layout competencies of design concern. We all agree that the finished result is a beautiful, thorough material with a consistent and stringent graphical line. Furthermore, we would like to compliment design concern for their positive communication and a good deal of flexibility and approachability.”

Stinne Møller Christensen, administrative officer

About the project.

Research in public health is ongoing in Region Midtjylland and research data is used in political decision-making processes. Therefore, it is particularly important that the large amount of data is made easy to decode.

This is done through the “How are you?” reports. design concern was tasked with designing the comprehensive reports which had to be both informative, readable, and recognisable based on the Region’s design guide.

The reports compare the current status and new research findings, in order to follow the evolution of the population’s health status.

To ensure an accessible and readable design style, we chose to carefully match colours and give them great contrast. This means that the reports are easy to decode in print as well as digitally.

We also subsequently produced presentations that are used by researchers when disseminating research results at annual conferences.


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