Startup with secure foothold on solid design

As a startup, Safety2shoes needed assistance in order to take flight. Owner, Sune Krogh, contacted design concern to get off the ground with his new business idea – completely from scratch.



Increased visibility

High quality product

Time savings for product user

Improved product impression

Ready for export abroad


“In connection with starting up Safety2shoes, we got in contact with design concern who have helped us safely on our way. We have been helped with our branding and online marketing and all that this entails – and we are very pleased with the result.”

Sune Krogh, founder

About the project.

Carpenter Sune Krogh had a good idea when he was an apprentice. The feet ought to be protected as well as one’s hands are when you are working as a carpenter, he thought.

We are in complete agreement about this, and that is why we immediately started to develope and design a brand which can ensure visibility for the new covers for safety shoes. The covers deliver on the demands carpenters have in regard to both safety and comfort. This also goes for every other craftsman.

design concern has designed everything from brochures and business cards to websites and logo. In other words, we have ensured that the visual identity was brought to life in every detail.

Furthermore, we have produced inviting product videos in line with the brand’s visual identity. With a translation to both English and German, the company is also ready for export abroad.


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