Digital solutions for the oil and gas industry

Since 1972, Danish SAM-SYSTEM has developed and implemented advanced electric surveillance and control systems for fuel trucks. Their customer’s include a long line of international oil companies. They contacted design concern in order to lift the company’s communications design – online as well as offline.



Enhanced recognizability for customers

Stronger profile

Establishment of visual identity

Savings for the company’s customers


SAM-SYSTEM have customers in Scandinavia, England, and Germany as well as several new export markets within reach. A professional, digital communication is essential, and with the new website, animations, and brochures, we have risen to a new level. 

Peter Rødkjær, CEO

About the project.

The tailor-made website is built to help employees, customers, and partners easily find the information that they need.

The animated video simply communicates the otherwise advanced Sam Stand Alone COP Cross Over Prevention-system, and explains the product’s many benefits to new customers worldwide. The animation works as a stand-alone without text/speech, and can therefore be used Worldwide.

The advantages for SAM-SYSTEM’s customers consists of large savings in the oil- and gas industry since the mixing of different types of oil in trucks and underground tanks is avoided.

Outside of the instructional animated video and the user-friendly website, design concern also developed product brochures and materials for showrooms and marketing which communicates the company’s products. This ensures a large degree of recognizability and maintains SAM-SYSTEM’s visual identity.


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