Increased sales with scalable webshop

Silkeborg Beslag og Værktøj A/S (SBV) has a local shop in Silkeborg, where they sell quality products to professional craftsmen with a high level of service and competitive prices. During the Covid-19 pandemic, SBV decided to realise their dream of launching an online store and expand their market considerably. design concern was chosen as design partner.



Increased visibility and sales

From local to national customer base

Increased competetitiveness

Easy handling of online store inventory 


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“Here at Silkeborg Beslag og Værktøj it has long been a dream to have our own web shop, which has as many options as we offer our customers in the physical store. design concern have throughout the design process been open, helpful, and flexible with all our wishes and needs. Big praise and not least a huge thank you to them for realising our dream.

Sarah Bundgaard, online store manager

About the project.

Through a sprint process with SBV, design concern developed a strategy and plan for the new web shop, which will ensure increased sales of goods to the professional craftsman nationwide.

A PIM (Product Information Management) system is embedded in the webshop, bringing data and images together in one place. This means that goods from SBV’s suppliers are integrated into the webshop, resulting in a shorter time-to-market.

The new online store ensures that everyone who shops at SBV experiences the same high level of service as when customers visit the local store in Silkeborg. The webshop is easy to manage and update for the company’s employees. Additionally, SBV has fulfilled its ambition to scale sales by now reaching customers throughout the country. This has secured them a good slice of the national market for craft supplies.


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