Because expressions make impressions.

Packaging that performs all the way.

The wrapping is often the first impression customers gets of your products and your company. That is why quality and design is crucial. 

Does it match the quality of the product? And does the packaging’s design reflect your company? How easy is it to open, is it easy to get rid of and is it sustainably produced? Is it easy to read and find information if you don’t see well?

All elements needs to perform to the best of their abilities to best serve the user’s needs and signal the values that you want your company to be associated with.

Packaging is often the only sales person.

Development of a saleable and user-friendly wrapping is a process that requires insight.

At design concern we are specialists in user needs, and, in collaboration with you, we develope your new wrapping that performs to the best of their abilities: From the packing site to the store, where the packaging sells the message, and not least for when the end user or installer has the product in hand.

The packaging is often called the last sales person, but in the retail store, it is often the only sales person. That is why it is tremendously important to design it in a way that is intuitive and easy to read when the final purchase decision needs to be made.

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