Development projects.

This is how we develop.

Are you facing a larger development project? We can help you get user insights, develope ideas, design or manage the project. Safely get to where you are going with new, innovative solutions you can grow with.

At design concern we have over 200 successful projects behind us. We know that with our design methods you get an inclusive process – and a result that reflects that which is needed most. Do you need our help achieving success with your next project? 

Get safely from start to finish.

Finishing larger development projects requires an overview – and often a lot of resources which needs to be used optimally. It requires a clear idea of which parts are needed when and where, and that goals and subgoals are clearly defined. In short, a thorough plan for the proces needs to be worked out.

At design concern we are specialists in thinking strategically, planning and helping you accomplish your development project so that you are utilizing the correct competencies at the desired time. We ensure that the project progresses in the best way possible and is finalized into a result that creates the best user experience.

We help companies in many different sectors. Common for out projects is the approach: We put people in focus because good user experiences creates business for you as a producer and contractor.

We know the users, you know your market. In close dialogue with you, we create solutions that users want. Do you want to collaborate?

We solve the practical tasks.

We offer:

  • Determining you needs
  • User survey
  • Idea development
  • Design
  • Prototyping – digital and physical
  • User testing
  • Project management

We can help you throughout the whole process or with smaller parts according to your needs.