Because smooth operations means satisfied customers.

Utilize the potential in service design and spot new business opportunities.

When is the last time you have gauged how your customers experience your services? And is it easy for your employees to service your customers? Could things be done in a smarter way? 

With design methods, we take the temperature of both your customers’ and employees’ needs and experiences. Together we look into and challenge the established processes and services. We develope ideas and find what creates value and how ideas can be brought to life with new services. Service design puts your customers’ satisfaction in focus, makes your daily operations cleverer and optimizes your bottom line – to the benefit of all parties. 

User involvement in focus.

Time and time again, products and services, developed based on real-life user needs, turn out to create both satisfied customers and employees. 

Via analytial and creative design methods, we at design concern include customers, employees and other specialists in the development process. Here we decode user needs and existing processes and uncover the customer journey. Based on this, we develope new, valuable services which makes life easier and smart for everyone. 

See how we have helped other companies find and execute upon unexplored areas.