Branding & Design.

Because good branding makes you unique.

Become visible on the market.

Branding is about communicating the essence of your company to the outside world and to your customers. Good branding focuses on your company’s strengths and tells customers why your products and services are better than others on the market and as well as what to expect.

Your brand represents your company and its personality, and helps to set it apart from your competitors. And it’s crucial to how you are perceived on the market. The more deliberate, consistent, and well-designed your communication is, the greater your visibility and impact on the market.

One way to do this is through your logo and a pay-off or tagline: a good example is Nike, which uses an image brand, a so-called swoosh, and a pay-off: Just do it. Nike motivates and inspires customers. What does your company do?

Do you need help to get your branding right? At design concern, we can help you with branding strategy, logo design, pay-off, visual identity, website, tone of voice, copywriting, design manuals, or just a brush-up, as needed.

Stand out.

At design concern, we help make your company’s DNA visible and stand out in the right way.

We will help you shape your strategy and communication, in images and words, to convey the uniqueness of your company’s brand.

design concern can also help you maintain and update your brand – or rebrand it – so you remain distinct to your target audiences. On- and offline.

See how we have helped other company’s branding via design.