Because you need to be competitive.

Position yourself strongly with design.

At design concern you get targeted design counseling to help you strengthen your position on the market. We help you to ensure a common direction to better reflect your company’s DNA in all your communication. Digitally, written, in images and in your products and services. Succintly put: Your whole contact area with the surrounding world.

We promise to guide your through the processes. You can trust us – we know what we are doing. We have many years experience in making sure that companies get the most out of their design.


This is how you avoid confusion and cost overruns.

We can counsel you on several levels depending on your requirements. You can safely leave the design work to us – or we can assist in smaller projects and guide your employees or subcontractors and avoid that your design process is impeded. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and we help you make sure that all links remain strong – both when it comes to communication, visual identity and online presence, but also in service and product developement.

See how we have helped maintain a red thread across other companies.