Clarification and development via sprint

Skanroll A/S have more than 30 years of experience as supplier of transport systems and specialized machines for internal transport in industry, waste management, and raw material extraction. Skanroll wanted to further develop their website based on the customer journey, and that resulted in an order configurator which reduced the amount of errors in the order process.



New user interface

Stronger online communication

Increased competitiveness

Better sourching of hot leads 

Savings in reduced amount of errors in ordering

Easy maintenance of website

Attractive in terms of recruitment


“We needed a web platform to make it even easier to be a customer at Skanroll. We chose to partner with design concern which we had been recommended. They are specialists in designing and developing user-friendly web solutions that create value for users – something that fits perfectly with Skanroll’s philosophy.”

Inga Kjærgård Andersen, marketing

About the project.

The costumer journey and new ideas were defined through a Google Sprint. Following this, design concern developed an approachable, digital customer experience via a new user-friendly web design which is also prepared for translation at a later date.

The website’s layout supports the visual identity and color universe that characterizes Skanroll. The colors are further used to navigate the four main product categories – transport systems, transport rollers, recycling and waste management, as well as development projects.

The website is based on the CMS-program WordPress which makes it easy for Skanroll to publish new content and therefore keep the website updated with the latest products and news. The website has also been Search Engine optimized to make it easier for the customers to find Skanroll through Google searches.

design concern has also developed an online configurator for placing orders. It helps reduce the number of defects that happen when manufacturing customized measurements – measurements the costumers write down themselves. The configurator saves time and reduces errors which is favorable for both parties.

Additionally, Skanroll requested the development of a brochure that presents their values and competences. Therefore, design concern designed a brochure with a visual expression that clearly reflects Skanroll’s identity and color universe.

As a continuous collaborator, design concern has furthermore advised and prepared a presentation on how the company makes itself visible in connection to the recruitment of employees in a competitive market. An effective pop-up ad, a subpage on the website, as well as advertising on Ofir and Facebook has resulted in job openings quickly being occupied by the right employees.


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