Small actions – big impact.

Even small actions can have a big impact. Read more here

Pick the low-hanging fruits.

Development doesn’t have to be extensive. Even small actions can make a big difference and create a better user experience and bottom line.

Why not pick the low-hanging fruit that can add value and make daily operations easier for you and your customers?

If you read on, you will find examples of how we have assisted other companies with:

  • Creating added value quickly
  • Tie customers closer together with companies
  • Save time and costs, and increase the amount of hot leads etc.

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We can help you with.

Becoming visible and available 24/7.

Create the optimal customer experience online

Do you want to service customers outside of your normal opening hours?
Do you have the digital tools that help?
Do you need help to improve upon an idea or bring it to life?

Making your daily operations easier.

Make daily work easier

Do you want to make it easier to be a customer at your company?
Do you want to ease the work of your employees?
Do you want to save time and money?

Becoming cost-effective.

Create smarter solutions

Do you want to make work easier with a few tricks?
Do you have an overview of the possibilities?
Do you need help getting started?

See how we have helped others.

Biofuel Express

User-friendly interactive map creates an overview.

Challenge. Make the lives easier for the customers via an interactive map of owned stations as well as partner stations.

Result. Interactive map that

  • Gives the customers an overview of where they can fill up on bio-diesel
  • Filter based on types of fuel stations
  • Guide customers to the desired station
  • Is accessible and navigable across all screen sizes for mobile devices

Most users utilize the overview from mobile devices. This is why user-friendliness and flow was a priority during development – people on the move are busy and ease-of-use was a must. With new functions like filters and informational boxes, Biofuel Express’ customers are only a click away from the nearest supplier of bio-diesel in most of the Nordic countries. The solution is integrated with the existing website.

Kran og Staal

Reporting from construction sites eases daily operations.

Challenge. To become more cost-efficient by digitalizing physical forms that are easy to access and fill out directly on the construction site.

Result. Employee-login with digital forms that can

  • Register time consumption on-site
  • Register use of materials on-site
  • Send forms directly to customers and use as documentation for job completion
  • Ensure that the material used is subsequently billed correctly

The website got a website with an employee-login whereby employees can register time consumption and fill out inspection reports online from the construction site.

A digital sales list has also been developed which allows employees to fill out the different components that are often included in an inspection – also from the construction site. The digital sales list ensures that the material that is used is also billed correctly and isn’t missed during registration.


Interactive overview of components show details of construction.

Challenge. How do we illustrate where the different components are used in a construction, to allow our customers and employees to find information 24/7?

Result. Interactive component overview that gives:

  • Easy access without calling the company with inquiries
  • Option for viewing different components
  • Option for viewing where the different components are placed in a construction

With an interactive illustration, it is easy for the customers to assess and see which components Skanroll can supply.