Know your users’ demands.

Your customers have high expectations of you and your company. Do you know which?

You may already know what makes you customers happy. But do you know what stresses them out or frustrates them? How well do you actually know your customers?

When you know your customers in depth, you also know which problem areas and opportunities you need to focus on to make your customers satisfied – and continue to do business with you.

That is why it’s a really good idea to once in a while take the temperature of your customers’ experience of your services – online as well as offline. The goods news is that you can get help with the task.

At design concern we work to uncover user needs. With a focus on knowledge about your customers’ needs, we help you prioritize the areas to work on. We also help you develop new services, digital solutions and products which create unique user experiences that match the users’ needs.

Through workshops and the innovative work process Google Sprint we find your company’s and your customers’ values. We help create solution, big and small, that you and your customer will love.

When you company understands and act upon customer needs, it helps make daily operations easier and smarter. You company therefore has a strong foothold in the competition about the customer’s favor in a digitalized world where the next supplier is only a click away.

Digitalization makes it necessary to be flexible and anticipate the customers’ needs. Are you ready?

This is how we can help you.

Get clarity via a workshop.

A workshop can give you clarity. We test your ideas for new solutions. With a workshop we give you answers to the following questions

  • Will you customers invest in or choose to use your new solution?
  • Can the customers figure out how to use it?
  • Is there room for improvement?
  • Can the idea be brought to life within the budget?
  • Is it profitable for the company?

The workshop is a good tool to figure out whether it’s a good idea to invest in a web shop or to develop a digital solution that can save you and your employees time and money.

Find and pressure test ideas via a sprint.

With a Google Sprint, we give you clarity and pressure test ideas for how you can improve your customer’s experience with you company.

We take you with us on a course which is tailored to your needs. Here you will get

  • Insights into challenges and options
  • Idea generation and pressure testing new ideas
  • Overview and action plan

After the sprint, you will have an overview over which actions make the most sense and how you get started. design concern adjusts and facilitate the sprint and help your business well on your way with an action plan that can help you achieve a new goal.

See how we have helped others.


Uncovering the customer journey strengthens online profile.

Challenge. To get a better understanding of target groups and their needs, to uncover opportunities for growth on the export market and ensure that the company handles customer needs and touchpoints in the best way possible.

Result. Website that reflects and demonstrates

  • Target groups’ needs (medical, industry and fashion)
  • Opportunities for partnerships, products and services
  • ELAS’ knowhow and value offers

The website’s streamlined and user-friendly design universe is inviting and easy decode for existing and potential customers. It increases the company’s visibility and contributes to added sales domestically and abroad.

Targeted web portal for vulnerable youths, parents and professionals.

Challenge. To decode needs and develop ideas for a digital universe which satisfies the needs for three target groups: The youths themselves, next of kin and professionals. What are the needs and how do we satisfy them?

Result. Inclusion of employees, uncovering of target group’s needs, knowledge sharing, prioritization. The foundation for decision making and action plan for development of web platform.

  • User needs clarified and prioritized
  • Wireframes and navigational design, user testing and validation
  • Action plan and readying of targeted web platform and online actions for the target groups

Based on the sprint, the web portal was set up and results in an easy access to knowledge for the different professional groups, easy handling internally at with option for scaling with webinars and further knowledge sharing.

Spangkilde Teknik

Needs-configurator uncovers customer needs and creates hot sales leads.

Challenge. How do the customers get as much online information about product variations that suit their needs as easy as possible?

Result. Online configurator which

  • Ensures the customer is aware of all variations and accessories
  • Makes it easy to send an inquiry for the desired configuration
  • Functions as a sales tool which creates hot leads

The configurator makes it easy for the customer to get an overview over the options – without being product experts themselves. At the same time, it also works a sales tool for Spangkilde Teknik who can quickly and easily demonstrate the different options.