Business insight results in attractive identity

SolutionHouse has been part of the entire IT journey, representing some of the ERP industry’s most skilled specialists. When working with the latest trends and technologies, the outward digital face needs to match, which was a task that design concern was asked to undertake. All in all, Solution House became so attractive that Austrian BE-Terna rushed to acquire the company.



Increased visibility and value

New visual identity

Better customer experience

Subsequent purchase by BE-Terna


“SolutionHouse is behind some of Europe’s biggest IT solutions – we are proud of that. At the same time, we are growing and expanding in several markets. That is why it was time to look at the signals we are sending to the world around us. Through the design process, in close collaboration with design concern, we found our new visual identity and created a beautiful online universe that reflects who we are today. We have become more visible, both to new customers, partners, and future employees. All of which contributes to our growth journey.”

Niels Erik Petersen, CEO

About the project.

The initial phase was based on the company’s values, after which we developed a new communication strategy in collaboration with the communications bureau RETNING. After numerous logo sketches and colour schemes proposals, the new identity was created and, together with SolutionHouse, we chose the direction that would form the basis of the entire solution.

The solution had to reflect the fact that SolutionHouse is in many ways distinctly different from its competitors in an industry that is sometimes described as “boring”. SolutionHouse offers super solutions and thinks outside the box. They dare to challenge and raise the bar for their clients and for themselves.

Therefore, it was obvious that the logo symbolised new ideas and the possibility to see things from above, which is why there is a touch of “Superman-S” to be found in the logo. The orange colour throughout symbolises dynamics and the joy of working, the positive, the challenging, and the entrepreneurial.

A website that clearly reflects the company’s identity is now ready to welcome new customers, partners, and employees to SolutionHouse.

The solution has helped to increase the visibility and value of the company. SolutionHouse has subsequently been acquired by BE-terna.


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