Sprint course created effective digital platform

Spangkilde Teknik are specialists in effective and ergonomic work processes that improve working conditions for many professions. In connection with a strategic business development, they needed to rethink how digitalisation can make daily operations smarter. 

Spangkilde Teknik


Digital platform targeted customer’s needs

Optimisation via digital configuration

Improved visibility through SEO 

User-friendly website

Easier sales work

Improved user journey


“In recent years, we have used design concern for a major update of our website Spangkilde.dk, with a desire to get more customers through both website and webshop. We have been helped by very competent employees, who have helped us to a website that is already showing results.”

Casper Christensen, sales manager

About the project.

To create a solid foundation for further digital development, we conducted a sprint course with Spangkilde Teknik. The sprint uncovered user needs as well as possibilities for, and challenges in connection with, the digital transition.

With the sprint course as a jumping-off point, we developed the foundation for the digital design universe, which is tailored both to Spangkilde Teknik and, not least, to the needs of its customers. A targeted and user-friendly website was designed, which ensures optimal visibility through thorough SEO optimisation.

In connection with the digital development, we have set up a webshop with product configurations, so that customers can easily get an overview and purchase the various options and additional equipment. This has significantly eased the sales work and made it easier to be a customer of Spangkilde Teknik.

The digital transition has made it easy and time-efficient to service the customers in the best way possible.

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