Microscopes unite design and functionality

Award: Apex NPI Award, San Diego, USA
Award: Seal of Excellence, Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation

TAGARNO started by developing a groundbreaking digital camera solution for people with reduced eyesight. Digital microscopes are today developed for three primary target groups: Electronics, agriculture, and people with poor eyesight. design concern has given shape to a series of the successful products.



User-friendly design

Increased visibility – increased exports

Strengtened competitiveness

Design and production optimisation


“MAGNUS HD TREND have won the prize ”New Product Introduction (NPI) Award” in the category ”Rework and Repair Tools” at the IPC APEX-event in California and the Russian prize ”Seal of Excellence” from the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation. Both our customers and ourselves are extremely pleased by this.”

Eli Tømmergaard, TAGARNO

About the project.

The highest quality is crucial for TAGARNO, and the vision is therefore to create nothing less than state-of-the-art solutions. TARGANO’s magnification systems combine optical and digital magnification with auto focus and replay in superb HD quality. The products have to be both stable and easy to use, and adjustments of the camera are essential. Built-in LED lights are also necessary.

In the design process, knowledge about user needs and ergonomics are crucial – these elements has to be integrated into the product’s design so that products become as easy and effective as possible to use. design concern are specialists in this area.

In close collaboration with TAGARNO’s developement department, MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE was designed with a compact design which ensures optimal stability and thereby ensures magnification without distortion or distractions.

The product is developed with special attention to good ergonomics which ensures that user’s eyes, neck, and arms are spared during daily use. The products have received an American and a Russian prize for excellent technical operation and design. See PRESTIGE here on TARGONO’s website. Following this, MAGNUS HD TREND and AIR was created – advanced magnification systems which combine HD picture quality with the microscopes optics. design concern once more ensured a user-friendly design with smooth operations, easy and precise adjustments of the camera, and full view of the buttons on the top and side. See TREND here on TARGONO’s website.

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